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Welcome to the Village of Luckey Municipal Offices

Village Fiscal Officer: Connie Heflin
226 Main St.
Luckey, OH 43443
Municipal Building Number: 419-833-8721 (Ext 304)
Connie Heflin -Cell Phone: 419-260-1658 (Text Available)


Connie Heflin is the Village Fiscal Officer and has her main office located in the Village of Luckey Municipal building. She has been working for the Village of Luckey since 1995. You can reach her directly at 419-260-1658, Monday thru Friday 8 am- 5 pm (Text is available). Please be sure to leave your name, return phone number and your address along with your concern so that she can be sure to have the information needed to assist you further. Her office hours downtown are adjusted weekly, so it is advised to call and make an appointment if you would like to schedule a face to face meeting. For convenience, there is always a drop box available for resident use which is located on the municipal building door.

Connie maintains the Village of Luckey budget and fiscal operation/education and assists with Council minutes/operations. Connie is available to assist residents in finding the best points of contact with Village of Luckey questions and concerns as well as answer questions regarding Sewer and Refuse billing.

Sewer and Refuse billing is done on a quarterly basis with billing going out around the 15th of January, April, Julie and October. Bills are due on the 15th of February, May, August, and November. If you buy or sell property, please notify Connie as soon as possible so that she can make sure the correct person is receiving the bill.

Village of Luckey Municipal Building
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