Village of Luckey Town Administrator/Zoning


Welcome to the Office of the Luckey Village Administrator
Village Administrator: Randy Bielinski
226 Main St. P.O. Box 384
Luckey, OH 43443
Telephone: 419-494-5707
Fax: 419-833-8701


Please contact the Village Administrator regarding the following concerns:
* Zoning Permits/Permit Questions
* Zoning Infractions
* Review Guidelines on Property Boundaries and provide resources

* Information on Zoning Permits
* Zoning Permits are available under Town Administrator/Zoning Tab or in the Village of Luckey Municipal Building
* $10.00 Application Fee (made to the Village of Luckey)
* Plus- additional $5.00 Per $1,000 job costs
* Common Zoning applications: Pools, Decks, Sheds, and Fences


The Village of Luckey, Ohio  
226 Main Street, P.O. Box 384
Luckey, OH 43443
Telephone: (419) 833-8721
Fax: (419) 833-8701

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