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Luckey Ohio


An individual homeowner who is not a licensed contractor may make his own sewer connection without the necessity of obtaining a sewer contractor license or showing proof of insurance, but shall comply with, and be subject to, all of the other requirements imposed upon contractors. Under no circumstances will an individual who is not a licensed contractor be permitted to install a sewer connection on any property other than his/her own property. Without limitation on the foregoing, an individual homeowner installing his/her own sewer connection shall indemnify and hold the Village harmless from any loss or damage that directly or indirectly be occasioned by the installation of the building sewer.


Septic Tank Abandonment

All existing septic tanks in the Village formerly connected to the Village storm sewer (formerly the combined sewer) shall be properly disconnected from the Village system and abandoned. Except as provided in section 3, part 3, paragraph c., hereof, septic tanks will not be permitted in the Village and shall not be connected to the building sewers that are in turn connected to the sanitary sewer system.

The cost of disconnection and abandonment of existing tanks shall be borne by the affected property owner and shall be performed within three hundred sixty-five (365) days after the availability of the new sanitary sewer to the subject property.

The affected property owner shall obtain a sewer connection permit and shall pay the permit and inspection fee imposed by paragraph b, above. Prior to scheduling the final cleaning and abandonment of an existing septic tank, the property owner shall contact the Superintendent and shall establish a mutually agreeable time for the final inspection and final cleaning of each septic tank abandoned. The property owner shall permit the Superintendent or his/her designee to enter the property at the time of the cleaning to conduct inspection to ensure that the septic tank is properly cleaned and has been abandoned in a property fashion to the reasonable satisfaction of the Superintendent or his designee.


Proper abandonment of the septic tank shall be done in a manner acceptable to the Superintendent, but shall usually require that a final cleaning of the tank be undertaken and the waste properly disposed of by a licensed hauler, that the top of the tank be crushed in, that the tank bottom and /or sides be broken so as not to permit the accumulation of water within the abandoned tank, that a bag of lime be spread over the inside of the tank, that the tank void be filled with granular material (#6 or #8 clean stone or such other material as may be approved by the Superintendent) to the necessary depth to support any piping going through the old septic tank, the existing discharge line of the septic tank plugged by capping it off with concrete to prevent dirt from washing into the existing storm sewer, and that the final cover of the area be with topsoil and seeded with grass to the owner's liking, together with such additional requirements that the Superintendent may reasonably require in the circumstances.

In the event that the Wood County Health Department shall impose or recommend additional procedures or safeguards, the recommendations of the Wood County Health Department shall be followed.

Sewer Inspection Application

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